This page gathers together useful links to projects, organisations, articles and practices that relate to artistic journalism.

Artist-journalist collaborations examples

De Balie - Live Journalism

De Balie - The Vaccine


University of Porto - A Portrait of Elderly Loneliness

FT - Standpoint

FT - Newsgames

Contra Costa Civic Theatre and The 19th - Running for my life

Stitched! - Ryerson/University of Toronto

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism - Refuge Women

City University - News on Stage

City University - The News Cabaret at Wandsworth Fringe


Pop-up Magazine

Live Magazine

Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism

Articles, podcasts, research papers

Can Artists Be Journalists? A New York Non-Profit Thinks the News Industry Would Benefit From Artists’ Involvement

ACED artistic journalism podcast - Stijn Postema

Artistic Journalism: Confluence in Forms, Values and Practices

Journalism and Art: Complementary and Collaborative Storytelling

A Deeper Look into the Latest ECFJ-Supported Piece with the New Yorker

Putting news on stage: bringing journalism back to the theatre as a public space

Journalism through theatre: how an art form can inform

The Financial Times mixes journalism with performance to engage wider audiences

The Financial Times to ‘experiment’ with taking its newsroom to the big stage

Wall Street Journal and National Theatre Announce Global Storytelling Partnership


The Bureau of Investigative Journalism - Story Circles

Battersea Arts Center - What is Scratch

Ida Benedetto - Patterns of Transformation